About the DenHeart project

DenHeart is a collaborative nursing project at the heart centres in Denmark. The purpose of the study is to gain knowledge about health status among cardiac patients at hospital release from one of the five heart centres. Health status is measured by self rated health, quality of life, illness perception, anxiety and depression.


The project began in spring 2013. All patients who was discharged from a heart centre in the project period was asked to fill out a questionnaire at discharge. The questionnaire had 62 questions and it took about 20 minutes to fill out.


Knowledge about the patients’ perceived health status can be used to evaluate differences between diagnostic groups, regional differences and predicting factors for health status at hospital discharge and predicting factors for long term morbidity and mortality. Furthermore, it is possible to do economic analysis of healthcare utilisation and work ability in the included patients. This knowledge can help to guide inpatient practise and outpatient follow-up.




The Project Gruop



Department of Cardiology and

Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery:

Selina Kikkenborg Berg

Principal researcher, post doc

Tel: + 45 35 45 95 26

E-mail: Selina@rh.dk.


Anne Vinggaard Christensen

Research assistant, MSc Public Health

Tel: + 45 35 45 95 26

E-mail: anne.vinggaard.christensen@regionh.dk


Gentofte Hospital:

Department of Cardiology:

Trine Bernholdt Rasmussen

Researcher, Ph.D., Post doc.

Tel: +45 22833022




Odense University Hospital:

Department of Cardiology:

Lars Thrysøe

Researcher, Ph.D.

Tel: + 45 24 63 77 97

E-mail: lars.thrysoee@rsyd.dk


Department of Thoracic, Cardiac and Vascular Surgery:

Britt Borregaard

Researcher, MPQM

Tel: + 45 51 43 63 44

E-mail: britt.borregaard@rsyd.dk


Aarhus University Hospital:

Department of Cardiology:

Marianne Vámosi

Associate professor

Tel: +4587168446

E-mail: mvamosi@ph.au.dk


Aalborg University Hospital:

Department of Cardiology and

Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery:

Charlotte Brun Thorup

CNS, Ph.D.

Tel: + 45 97 66 47 26

E-mail: cbt@rn.dk




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